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New Wicket Release: comSysto’s User Guide added

The recent release 6.13.0 of the Java web application framework Wicket brings along good news for comSysto:

An updated version of the  Wicket User Guide that comSysto’s Andrea del Bene and a team of our colleagues wrote has been added to the Wicket project’s accompanying Wicket’s new release 6.13.0. Continue reading


Pivot your idea – There’s no Sales like more Sales

Building an Online-Recommendation Engine with MongoDB

Once upon a time there was a Munich pizza baker who developed a technique to beam pizza out of bright sunshine. He can produce more than a thousand pizzas per second and needs a channel to sell this amount of pizza and decides to build an online shop. Mario’s initial idea is to sell pizzas, but now he is thinking about introduction of new product lines like beverages, salads and pasta. Before we take a look to the validation of Mario’s idea, let’s take a short look at the existing online shop. Continue reading

Apache Wicket – Best practices

Apache Wicket erfreut sich immer steigender Popularität und findet mehr und mehr Einsatz in Projekten. Dank der Mächtigkeit von Wicket lassen sich viele Features einfach und schnell realisieren. Für die Umsetzung dieser Features gibt es viele Wege. Dieser Artikel bietet einige Kochrezepte zum richtigen, effizienten und nachhaltigen Umgang mit Apache Wicket. Continue reading

Test Driven Development With Apache Wicket And Spring Framework

Since the development of our own web applications is mostly based on a Spring framework for dependency injection and application configuration in general and Apache Wicket framework as a truly component-oriented web framework for the MVC part of building a web application, it’s especially important for us to get these two frameworks running together smoothly not only when deployed on a running server instance itself but rather during the execution of our JUnit based integration tests as well. Continue reading