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Skillmazing – Visualize your Skill Profile

This week our new platform Skillmazing starts into public beta. During the last four months we developed a new way of managing skills and visualizing skill profiles.

Until last year, we only managed them in a table format. This was a good start, but implied a lot of problems. Especially, as the table rapidly grew in size, it was hard to retrieve information instantly. Therefore, we developed a new application called Skillmazing. Continue reading

push.conference 2013

This October we attended the push.conference 2013 at the congress hall in Munich. The conference was held on Friday and Saturday. Entering the conference we immediately noticed that this conference is something special. First of all, we got our entrance pass along with 8 stickers. We had to select 4 out of them to add to our pass showing our interests. This was a good starting point for conversations with other participants. Continue reading

Velocity Europe 2012 Roundup

This year’s Velocity Europe took place in London from October 2nd to October 4th. It had two main topics: “Web Performance” as well as “Operations and Culture”. The first day was a warm up day sporting longer more interactive sessions.

In summary the Web Performance talks were quite interesting. From learning some new tricks about Chrome Dev Tools from Google’s brilliant Ilya Grigorik to getting an outlook on HTTP 2.0 by Akamai’s Mark Nottingham. It seems that some current best practises on operating web applications might change in the future. Continue reading

CS Labs: Two And A Half Lean

Neulich bei den comSysto Labs. Diesmal wollten wir unsere, bei dem Lean Startup Machine Workshop in London gewonnenen Fähigkeiten vertiefen. Zeitgleich standen wir bei unserer ShoeOfTheDay App vor dem Problem, dass unsere User die App nicht annahmen.

Deshalb entschieden wir uns unsere ShoeOfTheDayApp mittels Lean Ansätzen in den nächsten 2,5 Tagen genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Continue reading

Big Data and Data Science – what’s really new?

Big Data is a hype. It’s also a buzz word. Maybe a trend? Down-to-earth people could say it’s just mass data called “big”. Although there are many very large data warehouses in the BI world, data science seems obsessed with handling “big data – when the size of the data itself becomes party of the problem.” For Gartner and Forrester even “big” is not enough anymore, they started using the term “extreme” and they are right – volume alone is not Big Data. Continue reading

Munich MongoDB User Group: First Meetup

You are invited to the First Meetup Munich MongoDB User Group!

Date: 6/28/2011
Time: Starting 7pm
Who: Brendan McAdams, 10gen Corp.
Subject: „A MongoDB Tour for the Experienced and Newbie Alike“
Location: Münchner Technologiezentrum, comSysto GmbH, Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, D – 80992 Munich!/comsysto Continue reading

Apache Wicket – Best practices

Apache Wicket erfreut sich immer steigender Popularität und findet mehr und mehr Einsatz in Projekten. Dank der Mächtigkeit von Wicket lassen sich viele Features einfach und schnell realisieren. Für die Umsetzung dieser Features gibt es viele Wege. Dieser Artikel bietet einige Kochrezepte zum richtigen, effizienten und nachhaltigen Umgang mit Apache Wicket. Continue reading