Processing and analysing sensor data – a DIY approach Part II

In a recent Lab, we set up sensors in our office to collect our own machine-generated data (see this blog post). For the follow-up lab, our team split up into three groups. Two of us set out to implement a nice real-time visualization of our data, another colleague investigated and benchmarked different document schemas for storing time series data in MongoDB (see this post on the MongoSoup blog), while the remaining two started analysing the data we collected. Continue reading

Advanced Reactive Programming with Akka and Scala

After getting acquainted with Akka in our first Akka lab, we – @RoadRunner12048 and @dmitterd – wanted to try monitoring an Akka application to get a better understanding of its dynamic behavior. Additionally, we wanted to play with clustering support. We used a very rough Stock trading simulation and a Ping-Pong application that we’ve both implemented in the first lab as subject for our experiments.

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Interview with MapR’s M.C. Srivas about Apache Drill

MCSrivasRecently we had M.C.Srivas, CTO and Co-Founder of MapR Technologies, as a speaker at our Munich Hadoop User Group. He gave a nice talk about the Apache Drill Project which develops a tool providing fast interactive SQL on Hadoop and other data sources. We took the opportunity to ask Srivas a thing or two about Drill and his view on it.


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Scala Days 2014

Scala Days 2014 Banner

Scala Days 2014 is over and I assume during those days Berlin was the place with the highest density of Scala talent in the world. Apart from several hundred participants, a lot of people from Typesafe and EPFL who work on projects like Scala and Akka were there. In this post I would like to share some of my favorite talks with you.

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Map-Reducing Everywhere – comSysto and MapR at TDWI Europe 2014

This year’s TDWI Europe conference takes place in Munich from June 23rd til 25th. The conference is one of the major hubs for the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence scene, and comSysto and our partners MapR are happy to be giving one of the talks.

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Search, Scale, Store – My experience at Berlin Buzzwords 2014

Last week was the first time that I participated in the conference Berlin Buzzwords. Even though I read that the conference is all about store, scale and search I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except for lots of information about Elasticsearch (the Gold partner of the conference).

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Processing and analysing sensor data – a DIY approach

Motivated by a current customer project (and the interesting nature of Big Data projects from industry in general), we decided to get our hands on sensor data. We wanted to learn how to handle, store and analyze it and what specific challenges sensor data presents.  Continue reading